Classes will be held in INN-326 on Fridays from 14:15 - 16:00.

We will follow this approximate class format:

  • 20 minutes — Presentation of the assigned readings (and optional background material) by one of the students
  • 10 minutes — Feedback to the speaker on communication skills
  • 60 minutes — Class discussion, moderated by the day's speaker
  • 15 minutes — Optional topics
Students are free to leave at 15:45, in lieu of a break at 15:00. The discussion of optional topics is for whoever wants to participate.

We also have an online discussion group for students in the course; if you are taking this course and are not in this group, please sign up as soon as possible. This group will be the primary means of communicating news/updates related to the course.


Prof. George Candea

Office hours by appointment

Credits and Grading

This course carries 4 units of credit.

Your grade will be computed as follows:

  • 50% for in-class activities (both level of participation and insightfulness of your ideas/points)
  • 50% for your presentation and the moderation of the discussion
There will not be an exam at the end of the semester.